Camping Review:

Thank you very much to all of the helpful staff at the wild BoarPark for a wonderful overnight camping experience (They went above and beyond to help). Helping us to make memories.

The two shower cubicles are lovely, warm, clean & modern.
Climbing frame is available on the camping site for the children to use when Wild Boar Park is shut.

The customer service on park was fab, hot cooked food from the cafe was delish and especially the yummy cakes.

The children are looking forward to a re-visit. Thank you very much.

This is a place that children can grow up visiting. It is big enough to keep the children amused for hours with masses of green grass to run around on, lots of trails to walk, big tractor/ trailer ride, barrel ride & mini tank experience, not to mention a large peddle tractor area indoors and a big outdoor play park.

This place never fails to impress my two (age 7 & 9 who have been visiting since pram size).

Emily Keighley 03.09.2019