Plenty to see and do…. 

* Wild Boar, Ostriches, Meerkats, Water Buffalo & more
* Chick Holding & Animal Feeding
* Traverse Climbing Wall
* Kinetic Sand Mud Kitchen
* Basketball Hopper Game
* New Riverside Barrel Route
* Woodland Tractor & Trailer Ride 
* Animal Face Hole Board & Social Media Board

Open daily 10.30am to 5pm
Saturday 17th July to Tuesday 31st August

We are ready to thrill family visitors with brand-new facilities this summer, having added engaging, fun and more unusual features to our day visitor experience. There is something for everyone; we have added some brilliant activities, games and rides, plus a new food outlet (burger bar) and even a luxury holiday lodge.  

The new Traverse Climbing Wall challenges kids to make it across the wall horizontally, rather than vertically and for budding Michael Jordan’s wanting to shoot hoops, there is a new addictive basketball hopper game, whilst those with dexterity can tackle a new water balancing challenge.  

Kids can get creative outdoors thanks to a mud kitchen with ‘Kinetic Sand’, whilst those preferring to drive or be driven, can drive a tank and play soldier for a while, or hop on-board the new Riverside Barrel Ride Route – a novel way of taking a little trip within the park. 

Our tractor and Trailer ride is also back in action this summer following Covid restrictions lifting so don’t forget to book your ride at reception !

Seekers of great and fun photo opportunities have not been forgotten either, with an animal face hole board for those wishing to strike a crazy pose and a social media board against which to be pictured, for those appreciating a great backdrop.

Family Fun Wildlife Park in the Ribble Valley